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Forex Quote API Documentation





What's available

1Forge provides real-time quote data (bid & ask) for 240+ pairs. To see a full list of supported currency pairs, please see the full currency pair list. At this time, we do not offer historical data, however, clients are more than welcome to archive our quotes locally for internal use.

By connecting directly to brokers and liquidity providers, we are able to provide data as fast as any ECN or brokerage. Depending on how active the market is, you can see price updates over 200 times per second for a single currency pair. No other quote provider in the world can match our accuracy, speed or level of service.

Server location and expected latency

Our liquidity providers are located in europe, and so our quote server is centrally located in Belgium. You can check how long it takes for your network to reach ours by pinging

$ ping

Timestamp format

All timestamps are unix/epoch timestamps (seconds that have passed since since January 1, 1970 UTC). If you need help converting timestamps to a different format, please contact us.

WebSocket Support

While most clients chose to use our REST API, we encourage brokerages, options houses and any other clients who need every tick in real time to utilize our WebSocket streaming which is currently available with our PHP and Javascript libraries. WebSocket streaming is not available on free plans.


We provide a few libraries for your convenience, however, it is not necessary to use them unless you plan to use WebSockets.


/quotes - Get quotes for specific currency pair(s):


/symbols - Get a list of symbols:


/convert - Convert from one currency to another:


/market_status - Check if the market is open:


/quota - Check your current usage and remaining quota:



By default, all API calls are returned in JSON. To get responses in XML format, append ‘&format=XML’
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